I’m a 47 year old wife and mother who has A LOT of interests, ambition, and love of people!  I’ve been fortunate enough to come across a whole bunch of really neat people throughout my life.  They all have a story many stories, in fact.  I look to gather them here and leave a bit of a legacy for those who care to read what has been crafted in the every day moments that take our breath away.  In the amazing and the mundane, life happens, and I refuse to let it slip away with zero record of it happening.  Journaling is how I’ll prove to my older self that my younger self was a pretty darn awesome human being, and that many of the people that linger in and out of my life through the years were unique in their own ways and I’m glad they crossed my path for however long was meant to be.

As for my “thing”, it’s finances.  Now before you click away, it’s finances in the behavior sense, “the status of my finances is the result of person that I brush my teeth with.”  THAT sense.  I’m the gal that listens to Dave Ramsey, and can give the same answer he would.  The concepts are THAT ingrained.

As for work, I work with a lot of Hard of Hearing senior citizens.  That part of my job is what makes getting up in the morning worthwhile.  Computer work, not so much.  Meetings…..let’s just say that if I die while at work, I hope it is during a meeting because the transition to death would be so subtle.  Yes, I hate them that much.

People have stories.  I love stories.  Now, with this Blog, I have a reason to become even more inquisitive and revive what once was a dream of becoming a journalist.  Who knows where it will lead?  Thanks for being here!