Hi-di-ho neighbor!  My name is Vicki and believe it or not, you are my neighbor.  Connections are what I love!  In the last year, I’ve learned that I have a lot of gifts and talents which can be put to better use than my current grind.  The reminder and inspiration to challenge myself to start this blog and see what else I can design for myself is all because of the people I’ve known a long time and a few I’ve just met.  As for the name VICKTORIES, this is my place to share a lot about financial wins, but since money affects everything in life, positive stuff of all kinds is my theme.  If it is good, a lesson learned, a positive change made…..VICKTORIES.com is a great place to share it.

Recently, I’ve had the perfect storm.  First thing, long time coming, was that my husband Alan and I have become COMPLETELY DEBT FREE, house and everything.  Secondly, was a ladies night with two other rockstars who were extremely encouraging of kicking the golden handcuffs of state employment to the curb for-oh-so many reasons.   Lastly, I’ve taken the initiative to truly dig into redesigning my work life. From what I can tell, I’m not alone.

As for an inside view, I’m happily married to my best friend Alan.  We love to dance, travel, cook, create and learn.  We have a daughter Rebeccalynn who will be 16 soon.  She is the result of a four year challenge with infertility, so there may be a post on that.  Who knows where the ticklers will lead.  Thank you for embracing community and friending others with consistent kindness!

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